Phonak Roger Clip-On Mic

The Roger™ Clip-On Mic is a small clip-on microphone designed to make one-on-one conversations easier in noisy environments and at a distance. With the directional microphone, the user can have clearer conversations with their interlocutor. This simple wireless microphone is very user-friendly.

  • Better speech perception in noisy environments and at a distance
  • Automatically adjusts to noise levels and speakers around you 

To be able to use this microphone you need Roger receivers in your hearing aids.

Sale price9 175 kr

Easier calls

The Roger Clip-On Mic has a number of different functions that can make it easier to hold a conversation in noisy environments and at a distance.

Focus on the interlocutor's voice

Advanced wireless microphones capture the interlocutor's voice and stream it directly to your hearing aids

Connect to multimedia devices

The audio input enables connection to multimedia devices

MultiTalker Network

Connect to multiple Roger hearing aid microphones in a network

Roger Clip-On Mic

Questions and answers

In the packaging

  • Phonak Roger Clip-On Mic
  • Instructions for use
  • Docking station
  • adapter and charging cable
  • Storage case
  • Neck loop
  • Audio cable
  • micro-USB audio cable
  • RCA / RCA adapter