ReSound TV/Audio Streamer 2

Turn your hearing aids into wireless headphones with this TV streamer. Crystal clear stereo sound is transmitted from your TV directly to your Resound and Beltone hearing aids. Easy to pair. Up to 10 meters range in clear view. With the Resound smart app or Resound Remote Control 2, you can fine-tune both the TV volume and the volume of the hearing aids independently of each other.

Sale price2 800 kr


Streams stereo sound from a TV, music system or computer directly to ReSound wireless hearing aids.

Automatically connects when the user leaves the room and returns within five minutes.

Ability to adjust the balance between streamed audio and hearing aid volume.

Up to 10 m range in clear view.

Works with both analog and digital audio devices.

In the packaging

  • TV/Audio Streamer 2
  • Power supply
  • Coaxial cable
  • Minijack audio cable
  • Scart adapter