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We are now launching our webshop

Nu lanserar vi vår webbshop

New technology, new possibilities! We have now launched our webshop , which means that you can very easily order your new hearing technology via our website. With free shipping, we can send the product to you, wherever you are in the world. Programmed and ready to use.

Right now we have a small, discreet rechargeable in-ear device for sale in the webshop. A nice addition to an existing set or as an update to the latest technology to directly improve your hearing. All we need is your hearing test as we tailor the products to your results. If you do not have an audiogram, you can come to us and do your hearing test, or contact the nearest hearing clinic and request to have your hearing results with you. Then you send us the result by taking a picture and emailing it, or putting a copy in the mail. We program and deliver.

Feel free to tell friends and family about the possibility of having your hearing taken care of remotely.

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