Molded hearing protectors

Welcome to our hearing studio! We make individual impressions of your ears for a custom fit.

ATTENTION! We only receive impressions on Saturdays and this applies to all hearing protection and In-ear. After your order, please contact us to make an appointment. When you have made your impressions, it takes about 3-5 weeks until the hearing protectors are ready.

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Bellman ER
Bellman ER Sale price2 900 kr
ER filter
ER filter Sale price899 kr
Bellman RC for heavy industry
Bellman RC for light industry
Bellman Swim
Bellman Swim Sale price1 800 kr
Bellman Drive
Bellman Drive Sale price2 700 kr
Bellman Chill
Bellman Chill Sale price1 800 kr
Soundscope Pro-Tect iHunt
Soundscope Pro-Tect iHunt Sale price7 500 kr