Small discreet hearing aids, exclusively online

Små diskreta hörapparater, exklusivt online

Right now we have Signia Silk Charge&Go IX for sale in our webshop. This is one of the world's smallest hearing aids that sits discreetly inside the ear. The devices provide immediate comfort and improvement of your hearing. With its advanced technology, speech clarity is ensured in noisy environments. As a small device, they are ready to be worn immediately and are also rechargeable. It comes with a small, pocket-sized charger that, with its integrated power bank, ensures that you have power throughout the day. The hearing aids can connect to the Signia App, which gives you the ability to regulate for example volume and program.

Here you get more information regarding the handling of the product. If you have further questions regarding Signia Silk Charge&Go IX, you can read more here or contact us .

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