Soundscope Pro-Tect iHunt

The Soundscope Pro-Tect iHunt is the market's most popular individual hunting hearing protection for maximum comfort, minimal interference from wind noise and very good directional hearing. Wireless communication from the hunting radio via neck loop.

The Soundscope Pro-Tect iHunt is Starkey's latest active hearing protection for hunters. Soundscope iHunt is a molded hearing protector that sits in the ear, which means that you can wear a cap and glasses without any problems. During the hunt, they protect your hearing against loud noises such as rifle shots and the like. In addition, the Soundscope amplifies the faint sounds so you can hear the animals more easily. Through new technology, you now have superior directional hearing so you hear where the sound is coming from. The new technology also provides better sound reproduction and it is equipped with active wind noise reduction. Batteries used are standard hearing aid batteries size 13 (orange). The Soundscope Pro-Tect iHunt is manufactured by Starkey Hearing Technologies.

Soundscope Pro-Tect iHunt has several different programs to optimize use. With the help of an inductive neck loop, you can get wireless listening to, for example, hunting radios.

These molded hearing protectors for hunting have been the best in tests in numerous evaluations. Common comments are that they are incredibly comfortable, maintain directional hearing, the ability to hear the radio and phone wirelessly in the ear and that you can wear them in your ears throughout the day.

Sold as a pair.

Sale price7 500 kr