Extend the listening experience with a microphone. It provides better speech perception and focus on the sound you want to hear - even in noisy environments. Small and discreet and easy to take with you.

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Mino Call amplifier with headphones
Widex Sound AssistWidex Sound Assist
Widex Sound Assist Sale price3 999 kr
ReSound Multi Mic
ReSound Multi Mic Sale price6 250 kr
Oticon ConnectClipOticon ConnectClip
Oticon ConnectClip Sale price2 950 kr
ReSound Micro Mic
ReSound Micro Mic Sale price4 375 kr
Oticon EduMic
Oticon EduMic Sale price6 699 kr
Starkey Table MicrophoneStarkey Table Microphone
Starkey Table Microphone Sale price6 590 kr
Signia StreamLine MicSignia StreamLine Mic
Signia StreamLine Mic Sale price2 775 kr
Phonak PartnerMic
Phonak PartnerMic Sale price4 995 kr
Philips AudioClipPhilips AudioClip
Philips AudioClip Sale price3 750 kr