Hearing aids

Products that make you hear better. Hearing aids with the latest technology and signal processing. We offer our customers a wide range of different designs and brands of hearing aids. Contact us for consultation.

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Signia MiniPocket
Signia MiniPocket Sale price1 399 kr
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Signia Silk Charge&Go IXSignia Silk Charge&Go IX
Signia Silk Charge&Go IX Sale price35 900 kr
Signia Silk Charge&Go Charger
Signia StreamLine MicSignia StreamLine Mic
Signia StreamLine Mic Sale price2 775 kr
Signia StreamLine TVSignia StreamLine TV
Signia StreamLine TV Sale price2 795 kr
Signia Styletto IX Charger
Signia Styletto IX Charger Sale price1 500 kr
Styletto AX ChargerStyletto AX Charger
Styletto AX Charger Sale price1 200 kr